Help Us Keep “Firewise NOT Logging” Billboard Up All Summer

On July 4, Eco-Integrity Alliance is kicking off its “Firewise NOT Logging” campaign with a billboard in Denver, Colorado to pressure Congress to stop wasting taxpayer dollars cutting down our National Forests under the phony guise of “wildfire risk reduction” ($3.3 billion under the 2021 infrastructure bill ) and instead fund Firewise programs to actually save homes from burning.

Colorado’s congressional delegation of Senator John Hickenlooper, Senator Michael Bennet, and Representative Joe Neguse are leading the charge (backed by several other politicians) to put tens of millions of acres of your public lands on the chopping block under this fraudulent scheme that endangers our homes, lives, and carbon-storing forests.

A number of studies show that logging forests cannot prevent the large fires that threaten our communities, which are the byproduct of hot temperatures, dry conditions, and high winds. To the contrary, logging can actually dry out forests by opening stands to sunlight and wind, and even spread flames faster. Meanwhile, making homes Firewise can protect 95% of structures from even the largest wildfires.

Close to a million people saw Eco-Integrity Alliance’s first billboard in Oregon last year. We’ve already paid for a month of exposure for our Denver one, but we’ll need your help if we’re going to keep it up—along with that pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing.

Will you protect homes, lives, and our living climate buffers—our public forests—by making a contribution towards our goal of $1,300 to keep the billboard up for another month? (If we don’t meet our goal, all funds will go for seed money for a billboard in another state).

Thank you,
Eco-Integrity Alliance Steering Committee

Published by eco-integrityalliance

The mission of the Eco-Integrity Alliance is to unite the “alternative” environmental movement under a big tent of ecological integrity through common campaigns of mutual support.

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