We Want YOU as an Eco-Integrity Alliance Member!

While many of us across the country are doing great work protecting the biosphere for decades, it’s time to come together to offer an alternative to a mainstream environmental movement that has lost its way.

Launched in 2021, the mission of Eco-Integrity Alliance is to unite the “alternative” environmental movement under a big tent of ecological integrity through common campaigns of mutual support. And our long-term vision is to proliferate a paradigm of genuine ecological sustainability across the United States.

As a member, you get to:

-Help come up with national campaigns

-Vote on action items on monthly Steering Committee Zoom calls (membership majority vote = 1 Steering Committee member vote)

-Recruit other members to support your local campaigns  

-Have you and/or your organization featured on our blog and social media

-Come on Green Root Podcast as a guest

-Connect and celebrate with likeminded advocates for the Earth

All we ask is that you read and sign off on our Guiding Principles.

Then, choose your tier of annual membership (100% of $ goes to campaigns, website/hosting, and marketing/promotion):

-Individual (no organization) – $15

-Small organization (under $10K/year) – $25

-Medium organization ($10K – $49.99K/year) – $30

-Large organization (over $50K year) – $50

Send an email to steeringcommittee [at] eco-integrityalliance [dot] org and (once we vet you) you’re in!

We’ve been lone wolves howling in the wilderness for too long. It’s time to join the pack and unite our movement for good.

In Solidarity,

Eco-Integrity Alliance Steering Committee

Samantha Chirillo (Oregon)

Gary Macfarlane (Idaho)

Josh Schlossberg (Colorado)

Shannon Wilson (Oregon)

Eco-Integrity Alliance Members

Eco Advocates NW

Friends of the Clearwater

Friends of the Wild Swan

John Muir Project

Protect Our Woods

Swan View Coalition

Rebecca Diehl (UT)

Paul Edwards (MT)

James Ehlers (VT)

George Gehrig (ID)

Deanna Meyer (CO)

Paul Sieracki (ID)